Do You Need Vasectomy in Westchester?

Vasectomy in Westchester

Things to Know About a Vasectomy in Westchester

The vasectomy is 99 percent effective at helping you prevent pregnancy. For this reason, patients continue turning to a vasectomy in Westchester when they don’t plan for more children, in addition to those that choose not to rear children at all.

The vasectomy is essentially permanent male contraception and involves surgically cutting or blocking the vas deferens tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis. When you engage in intercourse with your partner, the sperm travels to a woman’s egg for fertilization. By cutting or blocking these tubes, this prevents sperm from ever reaching the semen.

After receiving a vasectomy in Westchester, you can still ejaculate. The semen will remain the same consistency, color, etc., but will also contain no sperm. The procedure also remains possible at any age.

You may feel anxious or apprehensive about a vasectomy procedure. However, our team from HealthCare Now wants to tell you that you have nothing to worry about. After all, the vasectomy process is a short, outpatient procedure imparting a very minimal recovery process. Read on to learn more about vasectomies, and alleviate your worry.

What Happens During a Vasectomy in Westchester?

A doctor or physician will apply a local anesthetic. They could choose to administer one of two different procedures for the vasectomy. These include the traditional incision method where the physician cuts your scrotum to reach the vas deferens and either cut or block them.

However, some providers additionally offer a no-cut or no-scalpel vasectomy in Westchester that is a minimally invasive alternative. This involves making one or two small punctures in the scrotal skin. As a result, patients experience minimal post-operative pain and recover while also alleviating risk for bleeding or infection.

Regardless of the specialist’s approach, they must locate and expose the vas deferens to administer a vasectomy. A surgeon can then remove a small section with a small incision that prevents sperm transport during ejaculation.

Additionally, the specialist will attempt to prevent vas deferens from rejoining by sealing and stitching both ends closed. They typically accomplish this through dissolving stitches that disappear during the healing and recovery process.

Vasectomy in Westchester Recovery

Your specialist may send you home with a prescription for pain medication. However, in most instances, patients only need Tylenol to relieve mild discomfort. The most important thing to do after a vasectomy in Westchester is to relax. Specialists will recommend limiting strenuous activity for the first few days after the procedure.

During the first day of your recovery, you will also need to apply an ice pack on the scrotum for approximately 20 minutes each hour until bedtime. Ice packs minimize swelling while also helping to keep numbing medications within the scrotum. The day after the vasectomy, you can get up and walk around, remove any applied dressing, and take a shower essentially like normal.

You can also return to work within 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. However, avoid intense activity for a week or so after a vasectomy. You may also resume sexual activity as soon as you feel comfortable, but continue practicing birth control until you can undergo a sperm analysis.

How Soon After a Vasectomy in Westchester Will It Take Effect?

A vasectomy in Westchester takes about two to three months before becoming 100 percent effective. For this reason, you must continue utilizing birth control during intercourse with your partner until you can receive a sperm analysis.

Doctors will typically administer sperm analysis a minimum of two months after the procedure. This determined the presence of sperm in the semen. If they determine the presence of sperm, they will repeat the process at monthly intervals until results display negative.

Considerations Before a Vasectomy in Westchester

By design, a vasectomy in Westchester is intended to be a permanent procedure. Nonetheless, the process does remain revisable. You should take heed, reconnecting the vas deferens is far more involved than a vasectomy. For this reason, always consider if you may want to have children in the future before undergoing the process.

A Vasectomy in Westchester from HealthCare Now

Our team from HealthCare Now administers a vasectomy procedure, working to help our patients feel as welcome and comfortable as possible at our facility. Nonetheless, the basic process is relatively short and imposes very minimal chance for risks, so there is no need to worry.

To learn more about a vasectomy in Westchester, or to address any concerns, contact our dedicated and professional providers today!