Vasectomies services offered in Miami, FL


Vasectomies are growing more common, with about 500,000 men having the procedure per year. Healthcare Now physician John Hoover, MD, uses leading-edge techniques to perform vasectomies with no scalpel and no incision you don’t even need stitches to close the tiny wound. Call the Miami, Florida, office or book your free vasectomy consultation using online scheduling.

What are vasectomies?

Vasectomies are procedures that prevent sperm from reaching semen, so a man can no longer get a woman pregnant. It’s a permanent type of birth control. 

How do vasectomies work?

Healthcare Now offers a simple office-based type of vasectomy with no needles and no scalpels. 

During the procedure, you lie flat on the treatment table. A pressurized device, Madajet, delivers numbing medication beneath the skin. Your doctor makes a tiny puncture — you won’t feel it — in the scrotum. 

They pull one of the two tubes that transports sperm (vas deferens) through the puncture. Your doctor removes a small part of it, then burns the ends to close them, then secures the ends away from each other.

The process works the same way on your other side (the other vas deferens) using the same existing hole.

You don’t need any stitches to close the puncture; it’s so tiny that it closes on its own over time.

Does a vasectomy hurt?

No, most patients say it’s virtually painless. In fact, many Healthcare Now patients chat with their doctor throughout the procedure, which takes only a few minutes. 

Recovery is usually comfortable, and Healthcare Now provides detailed guidance to help you feel better fast.

How long is the downtime after vasectomies?

After a vasectomy, you can generally expect to go back to work in just one or two days. Some men schedule their vasectomy before a long weekend and don’t miss any work time at all.   

When can I stop using birth control following a vasectomy?

After a vasectomy, it takes around three months to fully clear all of the sperm from your semen. During that time you must continue using birth control if you want to prevent pregnancy. 

Healthcare Now runs a sperm check to make sure you don’t have any sperm left in your semen after three months. Once you get the all clear, it’s fine to discontinue birth control. 

Is a vasectomy always successful?

Vasectomies have an extremely low failure rate: less than 1%. That tiny percentage of cases happens because the ends of the tubes may occasionally reconnect. This is why we verify with a sperm check at 3 months that the vasectomy was fully succesful.

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