Circumcisions services offered in Miami, FL



INFANTS $250***

Dr. John Hoover has extensive expreience preforming circumcisions, we have completed hundered of procedures. We pride ourslelves on our excellent cosmetic results and patient satisfaction! Schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss the procedure with one of our providers.

Who can get a circumcision?

We do circumcisions on babies less than 1 month old and kids and adults over the age of 13.

Why have a circumcision done?

Well there are a lot of good reasons!
1. Cosmetic – many patients including their spouses find the circumcised penis  cosmetically more attractive
2. Prevention of STDs – the risk of STDs including HIV is much less with circumcision
3. Prevention or treatment of phimosis – a condition where the foreskin will not go back
4. Improved hygiene
5. Reduced chance of carrying HPV – the virus that causes cervical cancer in females


Can I have a circumcision for purely cosmetic reasons?

Yes of course, in fact, the vast majority are done for cosmetic reasons. With every patient, we carefully perform the procedure, so that not only it is done correctly, but so the result looks great!

How is the Procedure done?

For infants, we use the gomco technique. The penis is fully numbed with a local anesthetic. Then an instrument called a gomco clamp is placed on the penis. The foreskin is carefully excised, and the clamp is removed and that’s it. The process takes about 5 minutes. We will show you how to care for your child’s penis. Usually, it is fully healed with little to no discomfort in about a week.

For adults, we use a method called the sleeve method. The penis is numbed with a local anesthetic and then 2 circumferential incisions are made with a scalpel, one for the inner and one for the outer foreskin. The foreskin is removed and the two edges are closed with dissolvable stitches. These usually fall out on their own in about 3 weeks. Healing usually takes a week but intercourse must be avoided for 4 weeks.

Prior to scheduling the procedure, we ask all patients to come in for a consultation to go over your health history and conduct a brief examination. At this time we are happy to answer all your questions.