Vasectomy in Coral Gables

Vasectomy in Coral Gables

Beyond the Basics of a Vasectomy in Coral Gables

Most people possess a basic understanding of what a vasectomy accomplishes. It is essentially a safe, effective, permanent method of birth control for male patients. However, a vasectomy in Coral Gables is also the most cost-efficient birth control application, costing about half as much as what we call tubal ligation. This is also what many refer to as getting “tubes tied.

In the United States, 20 percent of men over the age of 35 will undergo a vasectomy procedure. Unfortunately, many patients still feel nervous or apprehensive about this minimally invasive process.

Our team from HealthCare Now wants to share some information that we hope alleviates some of these concerns. If you’re considering having a vasectomy in Coral Gables, it is essential to consider all your options. If you change your stance on having children in the future, this procedure may not be bet for you.  We touch on that and more in the following content.

The Success Rate and Effectiveness of a Vasectomy in Coral Gables

Vasectomy procedures remain successful in over 99 percent of all men. However, patients should still utilize a secondary method of birth control for two to three months after a vasectomy in Coral Gables. This is mainly due to the need for testing and analysis regarding sperm content in the semen after the vasectomy.

During this analyzation, a specialist will check a semen sample two to three months after the vasectomy procedure. This ensures that no sperm remains within the ejaculate. Men must ejaculate a minimum of 20 times after the procedure to clear sperm ducts before the specialist can even administer a follow-up analysis.

A sperm count requires that the patient provide a semen sample, typically acquired through masturbation. If the specialist determines the presence of sperm, the patient must undergo additional counts one to two months later.

It is also important to remember that a vasectomy in Coral Gables will also not protect against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) like HIV. Despite not being able to get a woman pregnant, men who share multiple partners, or whose partner shares multiple partners should still consider utilizing condoms to mitigate STD risks.

Considering Children After a Vasectomy in Coral Gables

Men should not undergo a vasectomy unless they feel sure about not wanting to father children biologically in the future. Despite this warning, some man who previously experienced a vasectomy in Coral Gables will change their stance, requiring the procedure to be reversed.

Sperm antibodies can develop in some men after a vasectomy procedure. These form when leaked cells begin to interact with the body’s immune system. Although these antibodies cause no harm to the man, they can decrease sperm cell effectiveness when the patient undergoes a vasectomy reversal.

When a specialist reverses a vasectomy in Coral Gables, this is procedure called a vasovasostomy. This involves a microsurgical technique that aims to reconnect the formerly cut or blocked vas deferens.

Unfortunately, the potential for success of the vasovasostomy heavily depends on the condition of the vas. As time goes on from the time of the original vasectomy, vasovasostomy will also become less effective.

Alternatively, the HealthCare Now team recommends sperm banking before undergoing a vasectomy procedure. This involves storing collected sperm samples with a preservative under notably low temperatures.

Nevertheless, should a patient decide to bank sperm after a vasectomy, this remains possible in some cases. In unique scenarios, experts can collect sperm from the ducts at the time of a vasovasostomy.

For this reason, it remains crucially important that patients think carefully about the permanent nature of receiving a vasectomy. Potential consequences include the possibility that patients cannot father children biologically whatsoever. Vasovasostomy offers no guarantees to work even when the procedure goes ideally.

A Vasectomy in Coral Gables from HealthCare Now

It’s always a good idea to weight the risks and benefits when facing any optional surgical procedure. However, sometimes patients remain sure they don’t want children, or pregnancy could put a partner’s health (and even future offspring) at risk for hereditary diseases and other unfortunate conditions.

Our team from HealthCare Now proudly works to help patients through their vasectomy in Coral Gables in a welcoming and comfortable environment. This includes guiding patients to a proper decision regarding birth control for the “right” or “wrong” reasons.

To learn more about what our dedicated healthcare providers can do for you, or for more information on a vasectomy procedure, contact our team today!