At HealthCare Now

We Are Able To Test For And Treat all STDS (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

What are the Major STDs out there?

1. Gonorrhea/Chlamydia – usually causes discharge from penis or vagina, can cause burning with urination , or can have no symptoms at all. If left untreated can cause infertility and other serious illness, This is treated at healthcare now with a single injection and pills taken right in the office.
2. Herpes type 2 -Herpes is a virus that causes painful sores on penis or vagina, It can be treated but the virus can never fully be removed from your system. There are pills we can prescribe to prevent and treat out breaks
3. HPV – Human papilloma virus – This is the virus that can cause cervical cancer in females, in a male it is usually dormant in a carrier state, however can cause penile warts and penile cancer. Best way is to prevent this with the Gardasil vaccine. We offer the Gardasil vaccine in our office.


4. HIV/AIDs – This virus attacks your immune system and lets infections which would otherwise be harmless damage your body. There is no cure for this however can be treated. Some people elect to take Preexposure prophylaxis or PREP. If you are in a high risk group we can counsel and provide this
5. Hepatitis B – a virus that can cause severe liver disease. Can be tested for and usually able to be treated
6. Syphilis – causes a painless sore on the vagina or penis. If not treated in a timely manner can damage heart, nervous system and eyes. Treated using injection of penicillin.
7. Chancroid – A painful sore on the vagina or penis caused by a bacteria, can be treated with antibiotics.
8. Trichomonas – causes penile and vaginal discharge, treated with an oral medication.

Prevention is key!

Use of condoms and regularly undergoing STD screening if you are sexually active is the best way to prevent complications of sexually transmitted diseases. Many of these diseases have no symptoms at all so testing should be done at least once a year especially if you are engaging in unprotected sex.

 STD testing

At HealthCare now we offer STD testing. We will collect blood and urine and send it out to the lab for analysis. We usually call you in a few days with results. If any of the tests are positive we will have you come back in for treatment.

STD treatment

Depending on the results of your tests, you may need treatment. At HealthCare now we can treat most types of STDs right in the office.