Platelet Rich Plasma

About PRP


PACKAGE OF 3 FOR $600 (recommended every 1 month for 3 treatments)

What is “PRP” or Platelet-rich plasma injections?

Everyone’s blood is full of chemicals and substances that allow the body to heal itself. Many of these chemicals are stored in the platelets. PRP is a treatment where we concentrate your own blood growth and healing factors and inject them in problem areas to allow the body to repair and rejuvenate skin and tissues. It is very effective and a safe way to turn back the clock of aging and restore the “younger you!”

• Acne scars
• Fine wrinkles of the skin
• Discoloration under eyes
• Uneven skin tone
• Stimulating hair regrowth for hair loss.
• Rebuilding collagen and connective tissue in skin

Botox Injections

How is PRP done?

1. First, you come in for a consultation and discuss your areas of concern with Dr. Hoover.
2. You are placed in a comfortable exam room and the affected area is treated with a numbing cream. Then this area is cleaned with a surgical quality disinfectant to remove any debris and natural bacteria from the skin.
3. Your blood is drawn and then spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and white blood cells from the platelet rich plasma. This “liquid gold” is then placed in syringes.
4. This Platelet-rich plasma is then reinjected back into the body in the areas of concern, this brings an extremely concentrated solution of your body’s natural repair agents directly to the affected area, over the next few weeks your body does the work and tissue is restored and rebuilt.

The treatment is done by Dr. Hoover and an ARNP, not by an esthetician. The doctor has had years of training in facial anatomy and can provide the best results.

PRP face treatment –  Or famously known as the “Vampire Facial” because of Kim Kardashian, consists of PRP solution that is infused into the face using a very small needle and syringe to address all areas of concern.
Following this, a micro-needling device is used to deliver it down to the collagen level of the entire face to stimulate the rebuilding of collagen and rejuvenates the entire skin of the face.
Hair loss treatments – This treatment is for both men and women. PRP is directly injected into the dermis of the scalp to allow for regeneration of hair follicles, it is recommended that this treatment is done three times, one month apart.
Female Orgasm injection – PRP is injected around the vaginal opening, clitoris and in the “G” Spot area of the vagina, this creates a more youthful look and improves vaginal tightness and sexual stimulation.
Male enhancement injection – PRP is injected directly into the penis after local numbing cream is applied, this increases blood flow to penis and restoration of young healthy tissue. This is very useful to create firmer, longer lasting erections. This is a great treatment of erectile dysfunction and provides an improved experience during intercourse.

Is PRP right for me?

Call today for a free consultation! Dr. Hoover will address all of your questions and concerns to recommend the best treatment plan for you.