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We Have Extensive Training In Gynecology And Women’s Health

Gynecological exams are extremely important

As we are able to screen for cervical cancer, HPV (the virus that causes cervical cancer), many infections (including sexually transmitted diseases) and many other problems and treat them early before any problems arise.
The Pap smear or “Papanikolaou” was invented in the early 1900s by Dr. Georgios Papanikolaou. It is a very important test as it can check for early changes in the cervix that may lead to cervical if not treated in a timely fashion.
Cervical cancer is caused by a virus called HPV, when this virus attacks the cervical cells changes occur. Early changes in the cervix are known as low grade squamous intraepitheal lesion (LGSIL), where later changes are known as high grade squamous epithelial lesion (HGSIL). It takes several years from the time these changes begin to happen until the development of cervical cancer. This is why early detection with a pap smear is so important. At HealthCare now we use the ThinPrep Pap which is the latest technology available.


What happens in a Pap smear?

First of all you will meet with the doctor fully clothed and have an opportunity to discuss all of your concerns and heath care questions. Then you will be asked to change in to a gown while the doctor steps out of the room. Then the doctor and nurse will return and tell you what is happening each step of the way. First a breast exam is conducted to check for any signs of breast cancer. Then you will place your legs into the provided foot rest and the doctor inserts a small brand new plastic speculum into your vagina. Once this is in place several small swabs are used to obtain a sample to be sent to the lab for analysis. Nothing sharp or painful is inserted. Following this the speculum is removed and the doctor will check your ovaries and uterus by placing one finger in the vagina and pressing down on your stomach with the other hand. After this you are all done. Processing of the sample in the lab takes about a week, and we will promptly call you as soon as the result is

Services offered:

✓ Pap smear (cervical cancer screening)
✓ HPV testing (testing for the virus that causes cervical cancer)
✓ Endometrial biopsy (endometrial cancer screening)

Management of heavy or painful periods
Hormone replacement after menopause

Birth control
STD testing