May 17, 2019

Don’t Suffer Through Allergy Season: Here’s How To Ease Your Symptoms

Allergy season lasts for the majority of the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure the horrible symptoms of it. That stuffy nose, constant sneezing, and watery eyes don’t have to be part of your daily routine. Here are some great tips for finally getting the allergy relief you deserve:

Get Allergens out of the Way

The first and most crucial step in finding relief from your allergy symptoms is simply reducing the number of allergens around you. If you know, pollen is a big culprit for your coughs and sniffles. You should monitor the local pollen counts from your area and try to stay inside in the morning from about 5 A.M. to 10 A.M. when the pollen count is highest.

You can also use strategies like keeping your pets out of your bedroom and especially off of your bed. If your dog or cat spends time outside, their fur can trap pollen, which can transfer to your room and make it a breeding ground for allergic reactions.

Keeping everything inside and outside of your house clean is also a key strategy. Regularly vacuuming up dust, pollen particles, and pet dander from the floor will save you from a lot of those horrible symptoms, as well as wiping down the cabinets and countertops around your house that can collect dust mites.

We also highly recommend you mow your lawn or backyard often to keep the grass short, as taller grass is more likely to release pollen. If you’re not able to have someone mow the lawn for you, wear a protective face mask and sunglasses to keep pollen out of your way.


Get the Most out of Medicine

Although you can avoid getting many of those allergens in your space, sometimes those efforts are just not enough to provide you with complete allergy relief. If you decide to start taking medication, or have already been taking it, make sure you are using the right one for your symptoms. There are three main types of allergy medications, with one of them being a steroid nasal spray.

This spray is especially for those whose allergic reactions persist even when they stay indoors. If you still experience nasal stiffness when you’re indoors, try a prescription or over-the-counter steroid nasal spray. This will help you breathe much more comfortably.

Unfortunately, this medication takes about two weeks to be completely effective, so in the meantime, you can choose an oral antihistamine. Speaking of oral medicines, these antihistamines are the most popular form of allergy medication. They work best for people who have milder allergy symptoms that occur seasonally, and they come in many forms—pills, chewable tablets, and liquids.

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Since they usually only have to be consumed once a day and are over-the-counter, oral antihistamines are easy and effective. The third type of allergy medication is for those who are still experiencing discomfort even when using steroid nasal sprays.

Antihistamine nasal sprays work the same way as the oral version, but they are applied directly into your nasal passageway, giving your body a more concentrated dose of drugs. This form of allergy relief usually requires a prescription, so make sure to talk to your doctor about what meds are best for your symptoms.

Try Something Stronger

If all else fails and if your allergy symptoms are still a burden in your life for the entire year, there is still one more option. Immunotherapy is a prescription treatment that trains your body to become immune to allergens by exposing you to high amounts of them. Most forms of immunotherapy are through shots at a doctor’s office, but there are also newer forms that involve dissolvable tablets you ingest. If sprays and pills just aren’t working for you, consider this allergy relief option and discuss it with your physician.

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